So where should you go? The reality is that the world is your oyster. However, you are taking a female companion and a large part of that is about the romance and pleasure you will be able to receive. As such, although you could go wherever you would like to go, there are a few standout places that really top the charts.

Paris, the city of love. It is absolutely beautiful, filled with art, culture and history. Romance can be found at every corner, be that in a small cafe where you will be serenaded by a fiddler, walking hand in hand along the Seine, or looking at the lights of the Sacre Coeur.

The Maldives, one of the world’s most beautiful islands. Here, you can hire a hut on the water, with your own jet ski and boat, allowing you to dip your toes in the water at night while watching the stars, or go on water sport adventures with your girl.

Summer Holidays Guide


Summer 2018 with Heatwaves, D.Trump Visit and Brexit

Mid-Summer Review: Heatwaves, Donald Trump Comes to Town, Brexit Updates and the World Cup

As we head towards the end of July, let’s take a breather and review the first half of the summer.

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Summer 2018 Sunny Girl

Holiday Ideas with a Latin Escort in Summer 2018

Summer is well and truly here, with temperatures in London hovering around the 30-degree mark at the end of June. Read more

Summer Pleasure in London with Latin Girls in Bikinis

Latin Stunners and Their Summer Bikinis That Will Turn You On

The bikini was invented in 1946 by Parisian fashion designer Louis Réard. Reard had noticed on his summer trips to the beaches of St. Tropez that female bathers were rolling up the edges of their swimsuits tomidriff exposed. Read more

Summer Holidays 2017 Safe Desctinations

Top Safe Summer Destinations 2017

The summer holidays are soon approaching, and now is the time to start searching for the best deals on flights and hotels for that much-needed summer break. That said, the world is a bit more complex than it was a year ago, with many places that seemed like a nice place just 12 months ago now looking not so hot.   Read more

Cruise Holidays with an Escort

Cruise Holidays with an Escort

Our agency has a wide selection of Latin female companions who would be happy to make you a company on cruise holidays this summer. Luxurious summer holidays on a cruise liner cannot be complete without a beautiful and professional companion of Lilyfields. Here are some of our ideas for your best cruise experience.  Read more

Escort's Holidays in Barbados

Packing for Holidays in Barbados

Lilyfields travel girls spend their holidays at various destinations accompanying their clients or travelling on their own. They are met with great pleasure and anticipation wherever they go. One of our girls is packing her things for long waited holidays in Barbados and here is what she is going to do there. In case you find yourself heading to this marvellous island feel free to join her!  Read more

Beach Holidays with London Companions

Beach Holidays with the Most Beautiful Girls

Beach holidays with Lilyfields travelling companions may be the most unforgettable kind of rest for you. What can be better than finding yourself in a company of a lovely travel girl somewhere on a warm beach drinking yummy cocktails? We have prepared a list of some beach spots that are worth considering.  Read more

Cheap Summer Holidays in the UK with an Escort

A Guide to Cheap Summer Holidays in the UK

Summer has almost settled and lots of British consider their holidays choosing from numerous options. Those who are ready to spend fortune on their vacations have various options to spend their time out of the UK. Those who are not ready to spare thousands of pounds prefer to stay in the homeland. And we have a bunch of tips for you to pick up from for your cheap summer holidays.  Read more

Summer Resorts with Esorts

Best Summer Resorts of the UK

If you’re a busy person who is not able to spare several weeks for holidays abroad, consider these pearl British resorts to spend at least several days off in a company of a Lilyfields companion. We have carried out a research of lovely UK summer resorts to travel to in summer 2015. Make your own choice and have an unforgettable time resting in the best UK places.  Read more

French Villa Holidays with Lilyfields Escorts

Top Villa Holidays in Europe

There is no better time to enjoy summer holidays in a company of a beautiful travel partner somewhere on exquisite villas of Italy or France. We have made an overview of summer villa holidays in the most romantic countries of Europe – Italy and France. Hurry up to choose your destination spot to run away with one of our travel companions.  Read more

Great Summer Spots 2015

Great Summer Spots to Explore with Escorts

We have prepared the list of great summer spots to enjoy. They cover the most attractive destinations of the southern coasts of Europe and some worth visiting places of the rest of the continent. To make your summer really impressive, don’t forget to take one of the most beautiful girls in London!  Read more

Barbados Sunny Destination

Sunny Destinations to Explore This Summer – Barbados, Dubai, Cuba

Our top 3 sunny destinations to reach this summer with a charming Lilyfields travel girl! If you are tired of European holidays in your life this article is just for you as it uncovers the best spots to spend your coming vacations out of Europe. Keep reading further to learn exactly what they are…  Read more