Are Insect Burgers an Acceptable Meal on an Escort Dinner Date?

Today we read the creepy news that a Swiss supermarket will soon be selling insect burgers in their outlets. The burgers will be made from mealworms chopped up with rice, turnip, celery and leeks, with a seasoning of oregano and chilli. Shoppers will also be able to buy ‘insect balls’, where the mealworms will be served with chickpeas, onions, garlic and spices.

Yum yum. Not.

Escort Dinner Date

Of course, in Asia, insects have long been considered a tasty and nutritious delicacy. In Thailand for example, street vendors sell fried grasshoppers, worms, beetles and a host of other creepy-crawlies as fast food. While we go to the pub and eat beer and crisps, Thais like nothing better than to unwind after a hard day with beer and fried grasshopper. And to be fair, a carton of insects definitely has a bit more fibre and protein than a bag of Golden Wonder.

That said, is this really the kind of thing you would want to eat on a first date? Or for that matter, on an escort dinner date? If you were to take a girl out to dinner and she ate an insect burger, how would you feel about going in for some French kissing later on in the evening? Call us a bunch of prudes if you want, but a mouthful of insects just isn’t an erotic visual, in our opinion.

Although most of our girls’ favourite cuisines are listed on their profiles, when we look at the top choices among our sexy Latin companions, we see Italian, Japanese and Brazilian, but we haven’t seen locust or mealworm just yet. We would still advise to play it safe when choosing a restaurant for a London escort dinner date. Why go through the risk of introducing a yucky factor to your hot date when there are so many fine dining options in the capital today?

However, if you really are determined to go for an insect-themed escort date in London, then here’s what we suggest you do. First, let us know you want to take a walk on the wild side, so we can suggest a suitable companion for your evening of fun. All our escorts are open-minded and up for adventure, and some of them will probably be willing to give this rather hair-raising culinary experience a go, so give us a chance to find the insect-chomping courtesan of your dreams.

Then, consider a rendezvous at London’s premier insect-friendly restaurant, Archipelago in Fitzrovia. This place has won a lot of plaudits for having a romantic ambience, so seems to be the perfect place for an escort dinner date. In terms of the cuisine, they serve a wide range of exotic meats from kangaroo to alpaca, and as side dishes, they do offer such delicacies as bug salad and chocolate-covered locusts, next to plain old rice. That way, if either of you just can’t go ahead with munching on insects, you always have a fall-back option.

Fortunately, all of our Latin escorts have the kind of vivacious and experimental natures that you won’t have to try too hard to look for excitement on your date – they will bring enough for both of you.

If you are really curious about this adventure meal, here’s a short list of restaurants and stores that offer mealworms – enjoy 😉