Game of Thrones Season 8 Is Back for its Finale

Do you enjoy watching HBO fantasy epic Game of Thrones? If not, we advise you to stop reading now. But if you do, then you have a lot in common with our Latin escorts, who just can’t get enough of the show. And our girls are starting to get excited, as Game of Thrones (GoT) returns to our screens on the 14th April for its final season. There are so many loose ends to tie up, and we hope to see all our remaining questions answered and mysteries resolved in these last 6 episodes. Here are the top things we will be looking out for in Season 8.
Who will sit on the Iron Throne at the end?

The Iron Throne is of course the main plot device which drives the plot of Game of Thrones. Right now, Cersei sits on it, but previously we have seen Robert Baratheon, Joffrey and Tommen occupy the spiky chair, and of course Daenerys Targaryen seems to be obsessed with winning possession of it. In previous visions, both Bran Stark and Daenerys have walked into a throne room destroyed by fire, with snowing falling through the open roof. We would be surprised if this vision doesn’t come true in Season 8, and it might well be that King’s Landing will be destroyed by dragons and then invaded by the White Walkers. In such a scenario, who would rule over a broken Seven Kingdoms? Our prediction is that Westeros will be broken up into its constituent parts, along with the Iron Throne itself.

Who will kill Cersei?

During a flashback sequence in Season 5, when Cersei is a girl, she goes to see a witch who tells her that she will have 3 children who will die before her. And so far, that’s exactly how things have panned out, with Marcella and Joffrey being poisoned to death and Tommen taking his own life after that suspicious wildfire accident at the Great Sept of Baelor. So far, so good. But in the books, the witch makes a further prediction. Cersei is told that she will be killed (strangled, most probably) by the Valonqar, which is High Valyrian for ‘the younger sibling’. Now most people seem to think this means her twincestous brother Jaime (who was born a few minutes before her), which would be quite neat, as he then would be both the Kingslayer and the Queenslayer. But how the hell is he going to strangle his sister with one hand? And why can’t it be Tyrion? Indeed, it could be any younger sibling, and not necessarily one of Cersei’s. The Hound, Arya Stark and even Euron Greyjoy all are candidates.

Is Bran the Night King?

This fan theory has dominated Reddit and the thoughts of Daily Express TV editors for over a year. The idea is that Bran Stark goes on one of his green sight missions, back to the time of the First Men, and get stuck inside the body of the guy who the Children of the Forest turn into the Night King. In fact, the theory states that Bran IS the Night King. This might explain why the chief White Walker seems to have such a strong connection to Jon Snow, and why he seems to be able to predict everything that happens ahead of time. After all, it can’t be a coincidence that he remembered to pack ice dragon chains before trapping Jon Snow and friends on that frozen lake.

Is Littlefinger really dead?

This is another conspiracy theory that has gained ground on YouTube. We all saw Petr Baelish (Littlefinger) get ambushed in that bizarro kangaroo court in Winterfell, and how he was summarily executed by Arya Stark. But was it really Westeros’s sneakiest character having his throat cut? One theory goes that Littlefinger gave a Braavosi coin to a faceless man/woman in the Winterfell courtyard earlier in that episode, who then took on his identity and was killed instead. We hope this is true and we do see Littlefinger again, as otherwise his being bamboozled by the Stark girls would be disappointingly out of character.

Will Tyrion betray Daenerys (and then be burned alive by dragons)?

This theory was uploaded to YouTube during filming of Season 8, by a fan in Spain who lives right next door to where they shoot the King’s Landing dragon pit scenes. He says that a crew member told him that a scene had just been filmed where Lord Tyrion Lannister is tried for betraying Daenerys, found guilty, and then roasted alive by her remaining dragons. Now we should point out that this YouTube user does have some good form in predicting what will happen in GoT and he got several facts right ahead of Season 7. What’s more, we all remember the sad looks Tyrion was making when he saw Jon Snow getting freaky with his auntie Daenerys. And we never did find out how his one-on-one meeting with big sister Cersei ended in King’s Landing at the end of Season 7. Has Tyrion rejoined the Lannister forces? The next few episodes will reveal all.

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