Exceptional Princess Diana: An Iconic Woman and An Enduring Icon for All Generations

The 31st August marks 20 years since the tragic death of Lady Diana in a Paris car crash, along with her lover Dodi al-Fayed. It seems like just yesterday that the UK came to a standstill as the outpouring of grief threatened to overturn the British establishment, including the Royal family itself. The weeks after her death saw emotions rise high, with mountains of flowers seemingly piled everywhere, Elton John’s Candle in the Wind playing on the radio every 10 minutes, and the image of the Queen and Prince Charles taking a real knocking. Coming so soon after Labour took power, it seemed like a real watershed in UK public life, when nothing would ever be the same again.

With hindsight, we now know that this wasn’t the start of a revolution. The Queen still sits on her throne, with a now elderly Charles married to Camilla, a post-Iraq Blair now known as Phoney Tony, and the next generation of Harry and William injecting new popularity into the Royal brand.

On the other hand, Diana is still seen as an almost mythical figure who represented a breath of fresh air to the crusty old British establishment. And when you closely examine things, you can see that she did manage to shake up things in a big way, opening the door to some new attitudes in British life. A country where gays could marry was hardly imaginable 20 years ago, but Diana made people more accepting of alternative lifestyles by befriending people like Elton John and George Michael, and gave much publicity to AIDS charities.

You can even see the Diana effect in the legacy of her sons, both of whom show rather more emotion than previous generations. Just last week, William spoke movingly about his career in search and rescue, talking about how he wishes he could ‘unsee’ things. We can’t imagine the Duke of Edinburgh, or even Prince Charles, ever talking like that!

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