The Baker Street (Marylebone district of London) is named after a famous builder William Baker who had got that street built way back in the eighteenth century. Apart from this famous builder there is one more reason as to why this street is so popular among the masses. It is the street where the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes lived. His addressed has been referenced as 221B Bakers Street and this address does not actually exist. There were many letters that came from all across the world for this address.

Keeping this in mind and for other obvious reasons today there stands a Sherlock Holmes museum at 239 Bakers Street. This museum came up in 1991 and since then all the mails addressed for Sherlock Holmes are sent to this address and they even reply to the mails informing everyone that Sherlock Holmes has now retired and is presently busy raising bees in Sussex. There is even a statue of Sherlock Holmes that stands outside the tube station of Baker Street.

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