Anti-Russian Policy – The Russians Aren’t Coming!

As most of our Latin escorts are avid football fans, they were cheering on Chelsea as they beat Manchester United in Saturday’s FA Cup Final.

Why do they support Chelsea? Well, for starters many of them choose to live in the fashionable West End, and with Stamford Bridge being so close by, it is kinda their local team. Plus, Chelsea have made a habit of buying South American talent, with David Luiz and Willian the current stars of the team, and Oscar, Alex and Hernan Crespo previously wearing the blue shirt.

Anti-Russian Policy Makes London Lose Money

And yet, no sooner had Chelsea lifted the cup when it was noticed that one face was missing from the frivolities.

None other than owner Roman Abramovitch was nowhere to be soon, and soon the rumour mill started pumping out theories as to why he wasn’t in town to see the club he has spent a billion pounds on lift a 17th trophy since his 2003 takeover.

By Monday morning, we knew the truth.

Incredibly, the Chelsea owner’s visa for the UK hadn’t been renewed, with a source close to Abramovitch claiming that the document had been delayed unexpectedly.

What the hell’s going on? And what does it mean for Chelsea and for London?

It seems that many rich Russians who have been given Tier 1 visas in the past have been caught up in a crackdown by the UK, who seem determined to hit back at Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin.

Putin, of course, has in recent years replaced Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden as Public Enemy Number One, responsible for everything from the Salisbury poisoning to the KFC chicken crisis.

Why is Abramovitch being punished/inconvenienced by this visa story? Well to be fair the Chelsea owner and Putin do have some history together, with Abramovitch in fact recommending Putin to Boris Yeltsin as a deputy back in the 90’s.

Oh, and apparently Abramovitch once gave Putin a $40million yacht as a birthday present. As you do.

That said, all this happened years ago, back when Russia and the West were still friends.

And it’s not like Abramovitch hasn’t been good to the UK.

It was his bankrolling of Chelsea after 2003 which helped open up English football to foreign talents and coaches.

And Roman and his chums have been keeping London’s property prices up for years, as well as keeping the capital’s basement swimming pool installers in business.

It’s notable that as provincial cities show impressive house prices rises, London has seen major drops in the past couple of years. Brexit and the weak pound should have given a boost to UK property, since the cheaper currency should attract foreign purchasers.

This hasn’t happened, and we think the anti-Russian talk from Downing Street has to be a factor here.

Whether or not poor old Roman gets his visa renewed, we see this spat as leaving a bitter taste in his mouth, and we worry that Chelsea FC might have to start looking for a new sugar daddy soon.

London property also looks like it will continue its price dives, so if you have been looking for an opportunity to jump in, your chance could be coming up soon.

Just spare some loose change for a date with one of our sexy Latin escorts, who might need some consolation when their beloved Chelsea start selling off their Brazilian superstars.

We can’t seem them being quite as into the cub when they go back to the style of football of Ron ‘Chopper’ Harris and Vinnie ‘Grab Gazza by the Balls’ Jones.